Version 1.2 Released

Prime Draft now looks better than ever

10th February, 2021

We are excited to announce that a new update has just been released for Prime Draft on Windows. Please see below for a breakdown of the new features.

Non-Justified Text

There is now even more options to style your writing. A newly added setting allows you enable or disable justified text.

In previous versions of Prime Draft, writing text was always justified. This meant that after finishing a line of writing, automatic spacing would be inserted between each word to ensure the text expanded to fill the entire line.

You can now opt-out of this behaviour and have non-justified text: which means when writing a word with insufficient space left on the line, the word will be carried onto the new line, but the previous line won’t adjust its spacing to fill the remaining gap.

Non-justified text generally looks best on wider width lines with smaller text, as this stops the uneven spacing at the end of each line from having a jagged look.

Updated Styling

With the new version of Prime Draft, a large amount of focus has been put into making the program look good on all window sizes and screen sizes.

Prime Draft now has a smaller minimum window size to allow its use on even smaller screens, and you may notice much more automatic resizing of the menu as your current window size changes.

This is in addition to numerous small styling tweaks to make Prime Draft look better than ever.

Try It Now...

If you have Prime Draft installed and don’t see the update, please go into Microsoft Windows Store app and click "Get Updates" to download the new version.

If you are looking for a distraction free writing software and have not yet tried Prime Draft, please visit use the link below to download the trial version on Windows.

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